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TAFTA is a private welfare organisation dedicated to the alleviation of distress and the promotion of the welfare and happiness of older persons. TAFTA is a Durban based organisation and our boundaries are Umhlanga Rocks on the North, Merewent in the South and Hillary forms part of the Western border.

Our services include; Accommodation for the fit, frail and those who require assisted living, Social Services, Meals on Wheels, Home Based Care, Transport to and from clinics and hospitals, etc. On average, monthly TAFTA provides services to 5,500 people.

Accommodation: Although TAFTA aims to assist the elderly to remain independent by offering both practical and social services, we realize that it does, sometimes, become essential for a person to move into a ‘protective environment’.

In some cases the need is simply for friendly support, in other cases 24hr nursing care is necessary. TAFTA owns several Retirement Complexes, Homes, Residential Complexes and blocks of flats.

Social Workers: Our qualified and registered social workers are trained and equipped to provide advice and counselling to pensioners as well as their families.

Home Based Care: This service employs a staff of well trained home carers and domestic workers trained in the care of the elderly under the supervision of Qualified Home Help Organiser. Home Based Care duties include; personal hygiene, making beds and tidying rooms, shopping, household duties such as cleaning, dusting and personal laundry as well as assisted living duties.

Meals on Wheels: This is a meal delivery service for the house bound elderly that cannot cook for themselves or afford to cook. A ready to eat meal consisting of soup, main course and sweets is delivered daily. Special arrangements are made for weekends where necessary.

Our Cook ‘n Care Kitchen provides meals to our various homes and Service Centres and produces 900,000 meals annually.

TAFTA has a number of Service Centres and Social Clubs that host a number of activities, arranging entertainment and outings for the elderly as well as serving meals. There are a number of Support Groups for example the Stroke Club which provides support to families with members of the family that have suffered a stroke.

Community Development Project: Entokozweni, developed by Ilungelo Labadala and TAFTA is situated in Amaoti, Inanda District of Durban. This project includes a Multipurpose Centre, after school care centre, ABET, home based care, gardening project, support groups, nutrition programme, paralegal services, beadwork, handcraft, training programmes, a village for vulnerable people and children’s cottages.

Operates in: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Established in: 1958

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 002-093
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930001065
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Susanne Ramsunder
Phone: 031 332 3721
Fax: 086 297 0810
Physical address: Kings Hall, 80 Samora Machel Street, Durban
Postal address: P O Box 2983, Durban, 4000
Website: www.tafta.org.za

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