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ANGELS REFUGE is a merger of three dreams: Kathy Wilson has always wanted a safe house for children and dogs while Joanne Wilson has always wanted an end of life care centre / hospice and sanctuary for cats and Stuart wanted a safe haven.

Mission: To ensure no living being is alone, abandoned, abused or killed. All deserve a chance to a dignified life.

Description: Converting a battery hen farm into a place of refuge for all living creatures, rescuing, rehabilitation, rehoming of all animals, education on animal care.

People side: Setting up with the Family Violence unit a support group for victims of violence.

The end result is from conception to death no living creature will be alone, a dignified life and a dignified death.

Angels Refuge is not just an animal sanctuary, the goal is to show the world the healing power of humans and animals for each other.

Already in existence:
– Cathetel Animal Sanctuary – the rescue side to Angels Refuge
– Gazardiel Rehab and rehoming centre – the other part of Angels Refuge

Angels Refuge plans to consist of:
– Raphael Cat Sanctuary – a place of safety for elderly, and feral cats in open plan gardens
– Mihael Dog Sanctuary – a place where troubled dogs and troubled teens can heal each other
– Laylah Pregnancy counselling – a place where all pregnant women / girls can come and have all the options given to them
– Sachael Battered Person Sanctuary – a place where all abused persons can be safe and heal – animals come with if needed
– Temeluch Safe house for babies and children
– Dina Early Learning Centre – a place of learning and play for children
– Isda food and clothing parcel distribution – helping the communities that need it most
– Rahmiel Hospice – place of dignity, no one will die alone
– Barrattiel Home care – helping while giving independence – dignity in life
– Amitiel Life Skills training – empowerment of the future generation
– Elijah Abortion Alternative – a place where all babies of any age are welcome
– Rehael Old Age and Frail Care Home – animals welcome to come with

This is the future we are working towards.

Operates in: Mahikeng, North West
Established in: December 2011

Non-Profit Organisation Number:
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number: 2011/147705/08
Trust Number:

Contact person: Kathy Wilson
Phone: 083 366 4152
Physical address: 723, Aslaagte, Riviera Park, Mahikeng
Postal address: P O Box 4366, Mmabatho, 2735

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