Urgent need of assistance

Every day we receive messages from the public looking for assistance with finances, medical related issues, employment, fundraising for expensive medical operations, etc.

CharitySA is a platform for the public to assist non-profit organisations and / or to get in touch with non-profit organisations. We do not receive any funding and all our expenses are funded by our team of volunteers. We therefore, sadly, do not have a pool of funds to assist members of the public with their needs.

However, if you need any assistance then our best advise is:

– see if there is a non-profit organisation close to you that might be able to assist you. You will find a full list of organisation by province and city here.

– if you have contacted an organisation and they are not able to assist then ask them if they can refer you to someone.

– places of worship (churches, mosques, temples, etc) are often very well connected with organisations in the area who might be able to assist.

– if you need assistance for an expensive medical operation then you need to investigate if there are doctors or hospitals that might do it for free or at a reduced fee. Speak to your home doctor, medical practitioner, pharmacist, local hospital, government hospital, etc and enquire if they know of anyone that you may contact for assistance.

Please note that we will not publish personal appeals on our Facebook page as we only promote non-profit organisations on our Facebook page. However, if you feel that you want to place an appeal on Facebook then you are welcome to do so.

If you do feel that the above is not pertaining to you or you need additional answers then you are welcome to contact us.

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