Volunteering is a great way of assisting non-profit organisations.

It is important to remember that some non-profit organisations do not use volunteers or they have a need for volunteers with very specialised skills (e.g. doctors). So don’t get discouraged if you are unable to volunteer at a specific organisation – there are other organisations that might offer great volunteering opportunities.

If you are still at school then it is important to speak to a parent or guardian first to make sure you have their permission before you start volunteering.

If you have children and would like to take them with when you go and volunteer then it might be a good idea to check with the organisation beforehand to make sure that the environment will be child friendly.

Every non-profit organisation’s listing on CharitySA has a form that you can complete to enquire about volunteering opportunities.

You will find a list of organisations close to you by clicking here.

Our ‘Charity Shop’ pages also shows if a charity shop is looking for volunteers to work in the shop – click here for a charity shop close to you.

If you do feel that the above is not pertaining to you or you need additional answers then you are welcome to contact us.

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