The 500km Cycle Challenge

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A small group of 20 middle aged “normal” cyclists will stretch themselves to the (unknown) limit of their abilities to cycle 500 km in 24 hours with only minimal breaks. Ten more riders will ride 1 or more laps with us to help us achieve our goal as well as contributing to the fundraising.

We will have media updates before, after and hopefully during the event. Sponsors will be able to support us in person at the start / finish and after each lap, additionally we can be followed on the D4D Facebook account, above, which we will be regularly updated. Our progress can also be tracked through an interactive internet map, via a tracking unit we will carry.

We want to raise money to keep PATCH Child Abuse Centre in the Helderberg area open. PATCH provides child rape victims with 24 hr crisis intervention, free professional therapy, court preparation, as well as providing prevention and awareness programmes in surrounding schools. Early in 2013, the centre faced closure. D4D are attempting to raise R500,000 to keep it open. This will provide more than 160 children with the help and support they so badly need. To find out more, call Patch 021 852 6110 or email them at

And most importantly: We take on this challenge with the knowledge that it is God’s strength and His will working through us to achieve this.

Date: 26 and 27 October 2013
Venue: Lord Charles (Somerset West, Western Cape).
Contact: Amanda Jones
Phone: 021 852 6110

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This facility is not currently available – we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kindly see above for other contact details.

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