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Thabang NGO: Empower People for a Better Live

Thabang seeks to reduce the impact of HIV / AIDS infected and affected through capacity building, education support and care.

Thabang Information Centre is situated in Hartswater in the Phokwane municipality which consist of 4 towns via Jankempdorp, Ganspan, Hartswater,Pampierstad and the surrounding farm areas. It is situated approximately 150 kilometres north from Kimberley which is the capital of the Northern Cape. It is a rural area and unemployment, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies and Hiv/Aids are very rife in this area. The community are largely dependant on seasonal jobs from surrounding farms and government for employment. Young people are moving out of the area to seek for employment.

The following problems motivated us to start this organisation:
1. The high unemployment rate
2. Increases in tuberculosis deaths
3. High stats of HIV/AIDS
4. Alcohol and drug abuse (substance abuse)
5. Teenage pregnancies
6. Orphans and vulnerable children
7. Families affected and infected with HIV/AIDS and related illnesses
8. The disabled people being treated disrespectfully
9. Domestic violence
10. Poverty in family households

Operational activities:
1. Community home base care giving
2. Caregiving and social relief for the orphans and vulnerable children
3. Food security - soup kitchen
4. Referrals for grant application
5. Assistance with application of birth certificates, id documents (ID campaign)
6. Development training through the Department of Labour.
7. Distribution of food parcels if available
8. Distribution of clothes for the poorest of the poor and the orphaned and vulnerable children if available
9. Distribution of school uniforms for the orphans and vulnerable children
10. Fundraising events
11. Activities children youth, elderly, disabled, and women
12. Distribution of dietary supplements if available
13. The Victim empowerment programme for all abuse (awareness and counselling)
14. Youth services centre for typing, fax, copies, e-mail, book binding, laminating and internet for affordable price
15. Computer centre for training

Future plans:
- Want to establish a learning centre
- Accredit the computer centre after 2 years
- Re-establishment of a child care forum and victim empowerment forum
- Apply for additional funds and donation at different donors for beneficiaries
- Gender base domestic violence campaign
- HIV/AIDS campaign every quarter
- Orphans and vulnerable children educational programme
- Project for unemployed women
- Disabled project
- Cancer society
- Recruit new volunteers for new projects for e.g. cancer society and vegetable garden

- Established two satellite offices in the surrounding farm areas. Namely Tadcaster and Motswedithuto farms
- Trained 100 youth on the level of job preparedness through Umsobomvu and Social services
- 20 youth for computer training
- Tender training for 20 unemployed youth
- Workshop for 10 disabled people on hand working
- Frail care training for 30 caregivers
- HIV/AIDS counselling training for 35 caregivers
- Business start training for 30 youth
- TB drive for broader community
- Door to door in Bonita Park and surrounding farm areas
- HIV/AIDS awareness campaign and counselling including testing
- TB Event attend by 500 community members
- Receiving funding from Starfish for OVC programme 9 orphans and vulnerable children
- Receiving funds from PEPFAR for admin, stipends and programmes
- Coke Cola donated educational toys, books, netball and soccer kits and school uniforms to the value of R50,000.00
- Computer centre was launched 11 February 2010
- Sign agreement September 2010 with ESKOM for donations for the value of R15 000 to buy perishable equipment and one bookshelf for the two satellite offices on the farms

- Donation in all forms
- Lack of training (youth development coordinator)
- Need an additional venue for learning centre
- Newly established soup kitchen need own transport
- Existing venue too small for training and workshop
- Need a vegetable garden and resources
- Educational workshops on HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies for the different schools
- High rate of HIV/AIDS and TB deaths / people don’t want to disclose
- High rate of unemployed and teenage pregnancies at local schools
- No venue to start a shelter for neglected and abandoned children and also women who are traumatised through abusive relations.

Operates in: Hartswater, Northern Cape
Established in: 2004

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 037-615
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Liza Magerman
Phone: 053 474 0681
Fax: 053 474 0681
Physical address: 955 Bonitapark, Hartswater
Postal address: P O Box 164, Hartswater

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