St Philomena’s Community Development Centre

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St Phil's Development Centre comprises of 5 projects:

- The Community Child Development Project: which assists children to resolve trauma, build strengths and resilience that minimizes cycles of risk and abuse and supports the learning processes of children in schools. This project has the capacity to serve 1000 children and 350 adults per annum.

- The Youth Services and Advocacy Project: which serves around 1000 youth per year with skills training, trauma healing and networking of youth for their engagement in decision making structures and processes that serves their developmental interests and concerns.

- The Early Childhood Development Pre-School: which provides the educational growth for 40 children and capacity building for their parents to support their children’s development.

- The Craft Skills and Entrepreneurial Project: which aims to provide craft, entrepreneurial and train-the-trainer skills for 120 women and their families, with the aim of poverty alleviation through craftwork.

- IT Resource Project: provides certified skills training and internationally recognized qualifications to address unemployment and the acquisition of work experience. This project has the capacity to produce around 250 skilled persons annually.

(Figures: 2009)

Operates in: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Established in: 1895

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 002-307
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 130004286
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Jacqui Osz
Phone: 031 208 4187
Fax: 086 678 9770
Physical address: 92 Rippon Road, Sydenham, Durban
Postal address: P O Box 19194, Dormerton, 4194

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