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The Trust was formed in 1993 to assist seriously deprived children obtain a preschool education that would help them enter formal schooling on a par with their more fortunate peers. The indirect but definite benefit is the uplifting of the entire community. In the long term, crime should decrease as education improves. If we are able to ensure that a child is well nourished and stimulated by the time he / she enters primary school, she / he stands a far better chance of coping.

Our vision: To enable all children, irrespective of race, within the Knysna disadvantaged communities, obtain a sound integrated preschool education, in a safe and caring environment, thereby enabling them to take full advantage of their entry into formal schooling and develop a love for life-long learning.

Our mission: To facilitate the progressive upgrading of unregistered care groups, backyard preschools, day cares and creches in order to register as Early Childhood Development Centres, which qualifies them for government funding.

Services we provide:

- Practical teacher workshops at our training facility
- Complementary vocational skills for teachers e.g. book keeping
- Provision of age-appropriate educational resources
- Literacy skills development in the child's mother tongue through the Souns programme
- Establish feeding schemes at preschools
- Upgrade or rebuild preschools
- Secure annual Adopt A Child's Education sponsorships

How to assist us in making a difference:

- Volunteer your time to teach basic numeracy
- Assisting with administrative duties for a couple of hours
- Support a preschool feeding scheme
- Organise or assist with fundraising events
- Register to sponsor a child's education by contributing to the Adopt-a-Child's Education Programme.

Operates in: Knysna, Western Cape
Established in: 1993

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 004-286
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number: T 275/93

Contact person: Tracy Eray
Phone: 044 382 4638
Fax: 044 382 4638
Physical address: 6 Queen Street, Knysna
Postal address: P O Box 3579, Knysna

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