Sandton SPCA Kilimanjaro Challenge 2014

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Climbing Kilimanjaro is often one of the top items on most South African’s bucket list, most find it daunting enough without the commitment of making it to Uhuru Peak for a cause they strongly believe in. In October a group of twenty-five intrepid climbers will be putting their passion for the Sandton SPCA to the test as they embark on summiting the great Mount Kilimanjaro on a fundraising and awareness initiative organised by the Sandton SPCA and Adventure Dynamics International.

Since the early 1980s the Sandton SPCA has carried the torch in the fight to protect lost, abandoned and abused animals in the vast area that constitutes Sandton and the Eastern Metropolitan, including areas such as Alexandra, Betrams, Bez Valley, Troyeville and Hillbrow. The impact of this work is felt not only by the animals the organisation has reached out to but also by the communities in which it operates. Candice General Manager from the Sandton SPCA points out that,“It's often a misconception that as the Sandton SPCA we only deal with wealthy areas and subsequently have a lot of funding but, quite contrary to that we are currently facing a serious financial shortfall and it is only through initiatives driven by our supporters, such as the Kilimanjaro Challenge, that we can raise enough funding to continue the much needed work we do.”

The group of climbers joining the expedition will spend time understanding the importance of the work the SPCA does and the plight of the animals in the surrounding communities as part of their journey towards the climb. The climbers will be actively assisting on various outreach programmes including a Mobile Clinic Days in Alexandra Township where they will roll up their sleeves and open their hearts, helping the Sandton SPCA treat animals and educate owners.

The climbers will be leaving on the 10th of October and are looking to raise over one million rand through this initiative. If you would like to support their climb or follow their progress during their climb, you can find them on Facebook at

Date: 10 to 18 October 2014
Venue: Kilimanjaro (Sandton, Gauteng).
Contact: Candice Scorer
Phone: 011 444 7730

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