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A substandard education, social dysfunction, unemployment and poverty; this is the reality facing millions of young people across South Africa. It is a crisis and not the future we want for young people in our nation. So that is why we exist: to bring hope to disadvantaged school-leavers from impoverished communities and offer them a way out, a chance to achieve their dreams and realize their potential.

Each year, our Feeder Partners help us to find high-quality young people, aged 17 to 21, with the desire and determination to make something of their lives. They then complete our year-long programme, which is split into two distinct semesters:

1. Holistic Development:
We believe that you can only change the lives of young people in the long-term through effective holistic development. Students attend daily lectures where they build a closer relationship with God, start to understand who they are meant to be and learn practical lifeskills. They also become actively involved in the local community and are exposed to new things, such as art, cooking and drama.

2. Career Enablement:
Then we prepare our students to take that next step into a career; a career that matches their skills and interests. Using the results of psychometric testing and professional assessments, we stream each student into one of three categories:
- Apprenticeship
- Further education
- Micro-Business Development

Whichever route they take, we teach them the skills they will need to be successful. They are no longer just another unemployment statistic; they are an active member of the economy and a role model in their communities. Many of our students also go on to make positive life changes, from building stronger relationships with their families to overcoming personal traumas from their past.

Operates in: George, Western Cape
Established in: January 2011

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 099-459
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930037555
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number: IT 3566/2010

Contact person: Andrew Young
Phone: 074 728 5334
Physical address: Cinnamon Suite, Carmel Heights, Victoria Bay Road, George
Postal address: P O Box 12525, Garden Route Mall, George, 6546

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