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Welcome to the Plett Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) providing care for animals in impoverished communities in the Greater Plettenberg Bay Area (Bitou).

PAWS Credo:
- PAWS’ core function is to prevent cruelty to animals through proactive and reactive work
- We are a Pro-Life organisation, meaning that we do everything in our power, medically, physically, socially & emotionally, before considering euthanasia.
- We acknowledge that euthanasia is not an action to be taken lightly, all animals have the right to life, and there is never a justification in taking a life.
- We educate and offer assistance before confiscating any animal
- We strive to work with the community, enhancing the relationship between human and animal
- We acknowledge that every animal must be assessed individually and treated with love and respect.
- Our organisation has been created to sustain the welfare of animals and in doing so we will do whatever necessary to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate the animals that have been forgotten in our community.

What we do:
- PAWS deals with emergency call-outs of lost and found animals and abuse reports.
- Daily dipping and deworming clinics in the townships of the Bitou area
- Financial Assistance for spays/neuters of dogs and cats
- Spay Clinics for mass sterilisations
- Primary health care for dogs and cats, very basic cleaning & bandaging of wounds
- Euthanasing (PTS) of dogs and cats
- Mass vaccinations in conjunction with the local veterinarians, using sponsored vaccines
- Rehoming of animals which are either surrendered, confiscated or brought it
- Rehabilitation and treatment of the above animals
- Trapping and neutering of feral cats
- Rehoming of the above cats, where possible
- Response to complaints - noise, barking, fighting, fireworks, etc.
- Advice on problems with animals
- Investigation for criminal prosecution with regard to abuse of dogs and cats
- Education Programmes at schools in the Bitou area
- Assistance for social awareness projects in the schools.

Operates in: Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape
Established in: August 2002

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 020-732
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Diana Butlin
Phone: 082 569 2571
Physical address: Paws Kennels, near Ebenezer Estate on the N2, Plettenberg Bay
Postal address:

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