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Oasis started out as a football club among friends whereby we invited youth living on the streets to join the team. Members in the team were and are currently working with these youth, and this was how we got them to play for Oasis FC.

Soon we realised that this was a sure way of keeping youth positively engaged and away from negative peer pressures. In 2003 we were officially registered with the Department of Social Development as a non government organisation and also as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), with the SA Revenue services.

When we started out it was just to get the youth busy with soccer, never did we realise that this was the beginning of a way of reaching more people and become a sense of opportunity for others less fortunate than ourselves. We then went onto to register the organisations football Club with the SA Football Association (SAFA CT) in Cape Town which meant more children and youth could be reached.

Today we have 5 junior divisions and 2 senior teams. The intention is for the children to play competitively while being exposed to lifeskills programmes. We have grown to now work within primary schools and offer prevention programmes that focus on HIV / Aids awareness, gangsterism, crime and drugs and many other social ills which they are faced with.

Over the past 3 years we have been working with the City of Cape Town’s local economic development department on a programme which seeks to uplift small business owners, which will eventually lead to Oasis working closer to those unemployed and the parent of the youth we work with. Essentially all our programmes at Oasis have its link with the Football Club which we see as the tool to use.

Operates in: Cape Town, Western Cape
Established in: 2000

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 022-630
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930015622
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Clifford Martinus
Phone: 021 704 6815
Fax: 086 054 6659
Physical address: 28 Schaap Road, Schaapkraal, Phillippi
Postal address: 29 Schaap Road, Schaapkraal, Phillippi
Website: www.oasisplace.wordpress.com

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