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We do drug prevention programs - mostly at schools. This is done by getting to the root of what makes youth interested in experimenting. The goal is for them to decide to be drug-free and positively influence their friends to be so as well. It is to help create the new trend where being drug-free is 'cool' and desirable.

Secondly, it is to show that true happiness and satisfaction in life comes from looking after oneself, being honest, productive and being a helpful and positive influence on others. This is done through plays they develop and audio visual aids - we use a DVD called ‘The Way to Happiness’ which can be seen at

We further do workshops with those youth who are now inspired (or re-ignited) to make a significant contribution in their communities. In this workshop they learn how to help someone decide not to do drugs (like we do), how to help someone who is using to WANT to stop, how to help that person get off drugs and finally and most importantly (as we are not trying to make youngsters run around trying to get addicts off drugs) how to help anyone feel brighter, happier, more aware, healthier and relaxed. We do this by teaching them techniques called ‘Assists’ that are used on our rehab program to uplift the students (we don't call people at our rehabs 'patients').

Ultimately, we are showing the youth why drugs aren't the solution and giving them tools to not only make their lives better but how to make a difference in lives around them. This is vital as this is how we are going to make this country great - by more people making this better.

Operates in: Cape Town, Western Cape
Established in: October 1999

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 029-284
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930019827
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Robert van der Feyst
Phone: 021 511 5177
Fax: 086 611 5306
Physical address: 3 Parow Road, Maitland, Cape Town
Postal address: P O Box 110, Maitland, 7404

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