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The Melkbos Care Centre is a non-profit / charity organisation assisting vulnerable, under privileged and orphaned children residing in Melkbosstrand, on the west coast of Cape Town.

The children come to the Centre everyday to receive a warm meal, for some this may be the only warm meal for the day, they also enjoy a warm bath and clean clothes for school the next day. We also provide the children with transport to and from school, and support structure needed to complete homework assignments and projects.

The Ubunye Sponsor a Child project was established to ensure that these children were afforded a good education (all children have now been successfully enrolled into schools where they receive quality education) and is dedicated to improving their care and educational opportunities. We sincerely believe that a good education is a key to success and therefore, is the most fundamental aspect to achieve in order to provide these children with a better future. There are currently 34 children enrolled at the Melkbos Care Centre on the Ubunye Sponsor a Child project.

We would greatly appreciate your help in the form of food donations or financial assistance to help cover the many monthly expenses incurred providing these valuable services to the children.

Operates in: Melkbosstrand, Western Cape
Established in: 2005

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 050-535
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Heidi Scheepers
Phone: 021 553 0980
Fax: 0880 21 553 0980
Physical address: No 1 9th Avenue, Melkbosstrand
Postal address: P O Box 55329, Melkbosstrand

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