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Mdzananda the only animal clinic that provides animal healthcare support to Khayelitsha, an impoverished township just outside Cape Town. The clinic provides primary veterinary services for dogs and cats in this sprawling area that is home to more than a million people. The communities the project serves are all disadvantaged and lack access to health care to care for their dogs and cats.

Founded in 1996, the project - known as the Mdzananda Animal Clinic - provides vet services five and a half days a week to the community with mobile vet clinics conducted most weekday afternoons.

Every Pet Deserves Vet Care:

High crime levels and lack of security in some areas has led to an increasing number of people keeping dogs for protection, although many owners keep pets for companionship and comfort. There are also large numbers of owned roaming dogs as many homes and shanties are unfenced, and the clinic therefore regularly treats pets hurt in motor vehicle accidents.

A lack of access to veterinary support occasionally leads to cruel and inhumane methods of population control, and dogs and cats frequently suffer as a consequence of neglect, ignorance and inadequate care. Puppies often die of preventable diseases and malnutrition.

Initially run out of a single shipping container without running water or electricity, the project now runs from six recycled shipping containers on its own land with full utilities and is a legally registered animal clinic. The clinic is committed to humane pet population management and the prevention of cruelty and suffering of companion animals, as well as educating the public about responsible pet ownership. The project has a vibrant and busy volunteer programme and regularly hosts visiting veterinarians, veterinary nurses and vet techs who work under the supervision of the project’s co-coordinator and managing veterinarian.

On the Road:

Not everyone is able to reach the permanent clinic when their pets need help. To help these owners Mdzananda’s mobile clinics visit the outlying communities and provide services such as applying anti-parasitic solutions, deworming and vaccinating of dogs and cats. The staff, most of who are employed from the surrounding community, goes door-to-door educating owners on proper pet care and identifying pets for sterilisation, which is offered free to residents of the Khayelitsha community. Sick pets or pets due for spay / neuter are transported back to the project’s home base for treatment - and returned to their owners after they have made a full recovery.


- Approximately 13,800 primary vet care treatments are given through Mdzananda each year.
- Mdzananda ‘s past “spay-a-thons” in Cape Town sterilized up to 100 dogs and cats in a single day. A recent sterilisation marathon in Prince Albert a small town about four hours from Cape Town netted a total of 428 dogs and cats in four days.
- A vibrant, well managed volunteer programme attracts veterinary professionals from around the world. These professionals enhance the skills level of the project’s staff.

Mdzananda is attempting to address long term sustainability issues by charging clients low cost consulting fees, as well as via fund raising activity and its on site shop called the “Dog and Cat Spaza”.

Operates in: Khayelitsha, Western Cape
Established in: October 1996

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 041-448
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930025436
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Reception
Phone: 082 251 0554
Physical address: 21297 Govan Mbeki Street, Mandela Park, Khayelitsha
Postal address: P O Box 2768, Clareinch, 7740

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