Lotus Youth Development: Drug Education, Holistic Lifestyle Training Centre and Therapeutic Community

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Lotus Youth Development Drug Education, Holistic Lifestyle and Training Centre (Therapeutic Community) is a Registered Non-Profit Organisation: A new approach to drug rehabilitation by focusing on non-medical / holistic / spiritual detox (Sauna and Multi Vitamin Supplements), rehabilitation introduction of a holistic lifestyle (yoga, meditation, massage, reiki, holistic treatments), proper case management from detox to rehab to after care (addiction is a chronic brain disease, could be lapsable so they need ongoing support long term).

Mission: Our Mission is to provide a safe environment for those in our community trying to overcome the devastating effects of addiction. We seek to restore personal dignity through autonomy and participation within our programme. Our program is affordable to all South Africans and is made possible through donations.

Vision: Professional counsellors, case managers, and a support team assist residents in acquiring or regaining the skills necessary to reintegrate themselves as positive citizens within the community.

Our unique combination of treatment modalities including community-as-method, 12-step and cognitive behavioural therapy will facilitate rehabilitation within a safe and predictable healing force - where personal growth and recovery will occur. We see recovery as not only abstinence from alcohol and drugs but the gradual return to positive citizenship. We aim to be recognized for our commitment to recovery giving positive biological, psychological, behavioural, and social changes to individuals.

Your donation will ensure Lotus Youth Development expands and grow its campus and programme:
- Getting kids / teens off the street
- Providing them with a bed to sleep in, food to eat (3 balanced meals a day)
- Treatment for substance abuse disorders
- Detox non-medical
- Rehabilitation
- Reintegration & life style changes
- Job training and job placement
- Ongoing support
- Individual aftercare plan.

We need funds to buy a property and to get us started. We will keep all our sponsors updated about our ventures and the progress of clients. Monthly newsletters, and updates on our progress will posted on our Facebook wall.

Operates in: Cape Town, Western Cape
Established in: July 2014

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 137-639
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Carl - Chairperson - Head Holistic Therapist
Phone: 076 455 9916
Physical address: Kimberly Street 111, Goodwood, Cape Town
Postal address: Kimberly Street 111, Goodwood, Cape Town, 7460
Website: www.carlshiatsumassage.co.za/lotus_youth_development.html

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