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LIFE is a donor-driven, community-centred living organism, registered as a Non Governmental Organisation (Section 21 South African Company), and accorded Public Benefit Organisation status. LIFE’s ‘mission field’ comprises more than 2 000 disadvantaged and vulnerable children, from birth to 18 years of age. We work in 10 different communities in George, also serving various satellite communities with bread and other food, and rapidly expanding with a goal of adding one centre per year. The communities where we are currently ministering are:

Borchards (x2)
Protea Park
New Dawn Park
Thembalethu (x3)

Our outreach program includes, amongst others:
- Provision of a balanced meal to each child, at least 4 times per week, which provides for a preventative program against diseases such as kwashiorkor, Marasmus, etc.
- Pre-school education
- Life-skills training, moral training, love and care for children whose parents are the victims of HIV / AIDS and cannot take care of their children.
- Bible-based teaching
- Social reintegration
- Providing children and adults with training in health and basic hygiene
- Providing adults with basic training in cooking, hygiene and nutrition, sexual life-style teaching, family structure, leadership development, etc.
- Due to the high mortality rate among children because of AIDS, TB and other diseases, to bring education to adults and children in the community on these matters through our LIFE Skills Programme.
- With the help of the community, determining needs in education and attracting resources to address the problems.
- Assist and encourage children who have left school, to return to complete and further their level of education in our Back-to-School programme.
- Work with the community and the clinics in providing basic health and first aid to the children.
- To provide counselling where needed in traumatized situations or to refer persons to counsellors. Many children and women are the victims of physical abuse and rape due to the unemployment and alcohol abuse in this area.
- To assist communities in establishing guidelines for discipline and taking responsibility for children as well as adults.
- To provide marriage and family counselling to the families that are devastated in these areas. We refer the families to institutions who specialise in these areas such as FAMSA.
- To assist adults in skills-training, which in turn leads to job creation.
- To create a common store-house to collect goods (food, clothing, furniture, etc.) that can be distributed to the needy in the community through churches and community organisations. This store-house assist the needs represented in the communities, and are met in an ongoing fashion where we have the resources.
- To create a place and opportunity for the children to develop in sport activities such as Volley ball, jump-rope, soccer; etc. We currently have 2 soccer teams. One is playing in a league.
- To bring resources to the community and assist the children in developing musical and other talent.

Motto: Touch a LIFE and mend a heart

3. Mission:

3.1 To mobilise local and overseas churches, foundations, organisations businesses, groups and individuals to give of their time and resources for the establishment and maintenance of sustainable services to sections of the community with the greatest needs.

3.2 To establish LIFE care centres in the neediest sections of the community throughout the George area. Thereby enabling LIFE to bring resources to the points of need and provide a platform from where the Gospel can proceed. Therefore reaching the unreached.

3.3 To establish and provide society with integrated and sustainable community-based services that strengthen the family and give hope to and build the capacity of individuals, believing that every person is unique and capable of reaching his/her highest potential. This can only be done successfully in action programs that reach out to the whole person (spirit, soul and body).

3.4 To address the spiritual needs of children. To walk with children in a mentoring capacity where they do not have parents.

Operates in: George, Western Cape
Established in: January 2001

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 014-525
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930028663
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Maryna DeVries
Phone: 072 455 6505
Fax: 044 884 1134
Physical address: Cnr Sandkraal and Main Road, Parkdene, George
Postal address: P O Box 1671, George, 6530

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