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Legbo Northern Cape is an NGO providing the following services to the community:
- HIV / AIDS Educational sessions
- On-going counselling to those infected and affected by HIV / AIDS
- Sexual Health Education and Advice
- Sexuality advice, counselling and counselling
- Direct social psychosocial support, personal development, life skills session and a comprehensive HIV / AIDS programme and the establishment of support groups
- Safer Supportive Spaces to the vulnerable, rejected and marginalised members of society in particular those exposed to prejudice, hate-crimes and hostility
- Spiritual and clinical referrals, tele-counselling
- Advocacy and lobbying and other programmes for youth development and empowerment.

Operates in: Kimberley, Northern Cape
Established in: 2003

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 049-897
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Shaine Griqua
Phone: 073 626 3346
Fax: 086 564 5370
Physical address: Kimsec Building, 33 Community Road, Florianville, Kimberley
Postal address: 9 Agnes Street, Colville, Kimberley, 8301
Website: www.legbo.org

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