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Knysna / Sedgefield Hospice visits patients in their homes and makes approximately 2000 visits to patients per month. It also offers care free of charge to all referred patients, irrespective of race, age, creed or ability to pay and raises approximately 30% of funds through local fund raising and 70% through corporate donors. Assists with accessing ID documents and social grants, has orphaned and vulnerable children who are seen at a weekly support groups and has working partnerships with 25 local and or national organisations to enhance patient care. The hospice offers bereavement support groups for adult and children, has weekly day care at BOND House for about 35 patients and twice monthly in Sedgefield and has over 300 volunteers, contributing in many and varied ways complementing the work of staff members. The hospice also delivers food parcels monthly and runs a R50.00 per month donor club with quarterly draws where first prize is in the region of R6,000.

Operates in: Knysna, Western Cape
Established in: March 1986

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 003-418
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 130002572
Section 21 Company Number: 18/11/13/2572
Trust Number:

Contact person: Shirley Sparg
Phone: 044 384 0593
Fax: 044 384 0456
Physical address: BOND House, 24 Wilson Street, Knysna
Postal address: P O Box 1348, Knysna, 6570

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