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Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) services a very extensive area in the Overstrand Municipal region, from Rooi Els on one side, to near (but excluding) Botrivier in the other directions. We are the only Animal service group in the district. We have a growing population of pets dependent on our services as the economic climate has impacted heavily on the people in the area.

We successfully manage to cover funding needed for the general running of the facility where we have over 40 dogs (housed in large open runs) and 35 cats (in a very large, homey cattery).

However we are struggling more and more to meet the veterinary expenses of the sick and injured pets of our impoverished community.

There has long been a philosophy that if you cannot afford to keep and maintain a pet, you should not have one. We view this as elitist and discriminatory and people will in any event continue to get dogs and cats to love as companions in the harsh world.

The reality is that many people in the Overstrand, regardless of race, are battling to meet their family's day to day expenses. When their pets get sick or injured, they simply cannot afford to pay even the welfare rates for the treatment. When children are going to school without food, no money is available for pets. That is no reason why pets should suffer. KAWS would rather that they bring the animals to us, than leave them to suffer because they have not got money. Consequently our biggest expense currently is paying veterinary bills.

We use the services of a very dedicated and welfare oriented veterinary practice in Hermanus, for cost and care reasons, and their welfare rates are well below other Veterinary practices.

None the less we need approximately R30 000 extra to our running expenses, every month, to cover sterilizations, medicines, surgeries, etc. We do recoup what we can from the owners, but when they have nothing they can give nothing.

We have a non euthanasia policy at KAWS, unless our Vet advises us that treatment is not an option. Every animal is given the very best chance before this decision is made but no animal is every left to suffer because we are afraid to decide. We always stay with every animal during this so they feel love and comfort to the end and to remind us that this is the final decision and not to be made lightly.

KAWS is dedicated to the care of all domestic animals and need all the financial help we can get to continue to do this.

Operates in: Kleinmond, Western Cape
Established in: August 2001

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 016-676
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930028186
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Jean McEwan
Phone: 028 271 5004
Physical address: Protea Street, Kleinmond
Postal address: P O Box 208, Kleinmond, 7195
Website: www.kaws.co.za

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