Inclusive Education Open Day for Children with Down Syndrome

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Noah’s Ark nursery school (Meadowridge Baptist Church)
Early Impact - Open Day (information about the project for children with Down Syndrome)
Talk and school tour
18th September 9.30AM at the school
Olivia Roadd, Meadowridge (M3 exit ladies mile)

Applications for 2014. Limited space available for children with Down Syndrome. In 2011 Meadowridge Babtist church, through Noah’s Ark preschool, launched an inclusive education program for children with Down Syndrome together with the Down Syndrome Inclusive Education Foundation - the first of its kind in South Africa. Based on international standards and current practice, the Noah’s Ark Project enables ‘Diamonds’ (children with Down Syndrome) to develop in a mainstream educational environment.

Date: 18 September 2013
Venue: Noah's Ark Preschool MBC (Cape Town, Western Cape).
Contact: Sandie
Phone: 021 712 1218

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This facility is not currently available – we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kindly see above for other contact details.

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