Homes for Kids in South Africa (HOKISA)

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HOKISA was established in 2002 and cares for children infected with and / or affected by HIV and AIDS who cannot be looked after by their own parents or family. In an environment as close to a family home as possible, children are cared for full time, with all necessary medication, including ARV treatment. The children’s lives are enriched by excellent home care, stimulating education at good schools, holidays and outings, friends and birthday parties, sport, arts and culture.

All possible effort is made to strengthen bonds with remaining family members, and to give support and counselling to relatives and others within the Masiphumelele Community.

All childcare workers at HOKISA are residents from Masiphumelele and have received relevant training in Early Childhood Development, HIV and AIDS, Nutrition and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, better equipping them to do their jobs. They have also become good teachers, and are often consulted as resource people in the community.

HOKISA is more than a children’s home: it is a contribution towards building understanding of HIV and AIDS and its impact on our lives and our communities. All South Africans live with AIDS, whether we are infected or not. HOKISA, in a small way, shows how we can all live and work together while caring for those that are most vulnerable. HOKISA contributes towards bridging the historical and social divisions in our society, and in so doing creates hope and helps to build a new sense of community.

For more information about HOKISA, please feel free to visit our website.

Operates in: Cape Town, Western Cape
Established in: May 2001

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 022-704
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 18/11/13/2833
Section 21 Company Number: 2001/010042/08
Trust Number:

Contact person: Robyn Cohen
Phone: 021 785 7317
Physical address: 1576 Skina Road, Masiphumelele
Postal address: 1576 Skina Road, Masiphumelele, 7975

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