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The HIV/AIDS Prevention Group is providing care and support to all people living with and affected by HIV / AIDS in the community. HAPG has 27 staff members on a full time basis and 6 half time. The organisation provides the following services to the community: Awareness and Information Campaigns on a daily basis in different settings e.g. schools, social gatherings, churches and workplaces.

HCT counselling is linked to the awareness and information campaigns and is done by 8 lay counsellors who are linked to the different health facilities in the community as well as to the mobile clinics. There are monthly circa 500 tests done.

Daily HBC services are delivered to severely ill and immobile patients and their families. HBC also includes visits to orphaned children and their extended families. Daily transport services convey patients to the health facilities in the community and to tertiary institutions when necessary.

Support groups get together weekly in the Centre on a Monday and are open to all HIV positive people whether on treatment or not. Support groups are also provided for people who are starting ART to strengthen adherence.

HAPG is also providing support and mentoring to support groups in the District. The Wellness Clinic provides medical care and support to registered PLHIV. All HIV positive people are allowed to register and will receive first class health care provided by medical doctors and specialists who are consulting weekly. Treatment and blood tests are taken care of by the Government.

The Organisation has tested and counselled over 37,000 people in the community. The community members are free of stigma and discrimination as intensive work has been done in the community to counter these negative aspects.

Community members are extremely grateful for the services rendered to the community by HAPG.

Operates in: Bela Bela, Limpopo
Established in: January 1996

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 033-419
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Cecile Manhaeve
Phone: 082 858 1277
Fax: 014 737 8196
Physical address: Tambo Drive 1763, BelaBela
Postal address: P O Box 177, BelaBela

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