Family World Vision

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Our organisation aim to:
- To provide community services to all the communities regarding STDs and HIV / AIDS and other related diseases and their conditions.
- To work in collaboration with other organisation that mainly deals with health transformation and education.
- To give care giving and feed the HIV / AIDS orphans and needy families.
- To coordinate arts and craft services, coordinate agricultural services, coordinate chicken breeding.
- To facilitate sport, recreation and entertainment.

The financial resources of Family World Vision that are intended to be spent for family education (workshops), community education and development (orphanage, homeless care, guest house) and office-bearers emoluments come from contributions, gifts, legacy and alms.

Operates in: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Established in: 9 December 2009

Non-Profit Organisation Number:
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number: 2009/022411/08
Trust Number:

Contact person: Dodi BetuKumesu
Phone: 031 828 1192
Fax: 086 244 9752
Physical address: 177 Rosary Road
Postal address: P O Box 30320, Mayville, Durban

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