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everyONEcounts is a non-profit organisation primarily set up as a visual arts response to needs in society. Our aim is to generate funding, and to create awareness for organisations that are already over-stretched in fulfilling their mandates, through various creative platforms where artists express themselves in a way that helps shape the social conscience of others.

We're a group of volunteers: artists, administrators, accountants, fund raisers, comrades runners, net-workers and supporters of all kinds who join forces to organize and facilitate projects to bring about the awareness and plight of causes through the vehicle of art.

We're registered as an NPO, as a PBO Section 21.

Our priority is in raising awareness, in the hope that hearts are changed - and in the process, we raise funds.

The beneficiaries of these funds must be registered NPO entities - with up-to-date audits. We also ensure that funds get to the heart of the cause we're standing up and speaking up for.

We'll be facilitating different projects from time to time, so you're welcome to subscribe to our newsletters, our blog, to our Facebook page, or just pop in from time to time and see what we're up to.

Your interest, feedback or support is valued so stay in touch - everyONEcounts.

Operates in: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Established in: April 2010

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 102-745
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number: 2010/008483/08
Trust Number:

Contact person: Lara Mellon
Phone: 082 694 9444
Physical address: 21 Melrose Avenue, Durban North
Postal address: Private Bag X02, Durban North, 4016
Website: www.everyonecounts.co.za

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