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We train learner-drivers to obtain their driver licences. We also assist underprivileged people to obtain learners- and driver licence training. We do have training programs to assist mothers and children to be street wise and offer road safety talks to corporates and other organisations needing these services. There is a small fee attached to these services but we mainly rely on donations.

Our believe that road safety starts at an early age is reflected in the training we do together with Hillstar Junior traffic centre and pre-school centres. Please feel free to contact us and arrange some training sessions and have some road safety fun. Our objective is to have our people safe on the roads and curb the accident rate. Remember, road safety begins with YOU.

Operates in: Cape Town, Western Cape
Established in: February 2009

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 066-173
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Alida Jones
Phone: 081 311 3223
Fax: 086 540 2066
Physical address: 6 Somerset House, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek
Postal address: 6 Somerset House, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek, 7975

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