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Dalton Education Trust was founded with generous seed funding from the owner of Dalton Private Reserve to make meaningful positive and sustainable change to the standard of education of rural communities in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, neighbouring the Reserve. Neighbouring communities are: Dalton Bridge, Mhubheni, Ezindikini, KwaShali, naseMadwaleni.

The vision of Dalton Education Trust is that each child has access to high quality education that allows them to realise their full potential as adults. The project was informed of issues facing many rural South Africans, including:

1. Absence of essentials, such as food and firewood, and lack of access to adequate services such as electricity, water, refuse and transport, as well as local job opportunities.
2. Need for education contributing to a lack of school readiness to equip today’s children for lifelong learning, and unrealised potential of motivated adults due to poor education.
3. Rural population distribution making.
4. Dalton Private Reserve’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally-minded development and a need for improved resource management.


To achieve our vision we have selected the following areas of intervention:

1. Establishing a Network of Early Childhood Development Educators
2. Building Community through Education Resource Centres
3. Promoting Environmental Education
4. Maximizing Resource Use through Toy Libraries
5. Empowering an Element of Self-Sustainability through Small Business Development
6. Improving Access to Social Services and Government Resources.

Operates in: Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal
Established in: September 2008

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 078-716
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930034579
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number: IT 1080/2008

Contact person: Lesley Terwin
Phone: 036 352 0100
Fax: 036 352 0103
Physical address: Dalton Private Reserve, Giants Castle Road, Estcourt
Postal address: P O Box 176, Estcourt, 3310
Website: www.daltoneducationtrust.com

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