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Children of fire charity event

Purpose of the event for Children of Fire:
- The organization can further its training programs on teaching people in informal settlement communities the importance of fire safety. The programs can assist in increasing community safety worker’s and knowledge of first aid in the local communities.
- The event will alert the general public on the importance of child safety and what steps to take prevent further cases of burn injuries.
- The funds raised will be used for costly surgeries for the children and the up keep of the organization, as well as provide medical supplies.
- The event will increase the support of government aid by publicising the importance and growing risk of burn incidents.
- Some of the money raised will go to funding the education of the children supported by children of fire organization.
- By hosting this event we hope to change the perception people have on burn victims and with the support of famous face’s we aim to boot the confidence and self-worth of children in the organization. The support shown will remind the public and the children in the organization that we are all worthy to be loved and cared for not only for our outer appearance but the beauty that lies in every single one of us.
- Knowing they have the full support of those in their community.

“True giving is from anonymous to anonymous”

Benefits to supporting parties of the charity event:
- The supporting parties will increase the image of their brand value to the public by supporting the organization.
- By bringing their influence and publicity in their various industries the supporting parties will motivate more people to donate to the organization or volunteer in supporting the different initiatives orchestrated by the organization.
- It will be money well spent, because the best form of giving is for somebody who can’t do anything return for you.
- Building new and deeper community networks
- Highlighting community responsibilities, as the old saying goes it takes a village to raise a child.
We believe “True immortality lies in the minds of those who remember the ones who gave selflessly of themselves to change the lives of others"

Children of Fire Charity event, Sponsored by URM and Lethiba Consulting
Event date: 28th September 2014
Time 15:00pm till 18:00
Event Venue: Liberation Cafe Melville, Shop 5A, 7th avenue
Event concept: the event will be a bidding auction to win a date with a celebrity where all the money raised will go to charity

The celebrity's will shadow a waiter for an hour then customer will get to bid for a date with their favourite celebrity. The date will take place the following Monday on the 29th of September at Six restaurant in a controlled environment. 10 celebrities will participate in the event,5 male and 5 female. Please come and donate what you can and let's make a difference.

Date: 28 September 2014
Venue: Liberation Cafe, Shop 5A, 7th Avenue, Melville (Johannesburg, Gauteng).
Contact: Zamani Nhlapo
Phone: 079 343 0644
Website: www.urmag.co.za

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