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Care Career Connection is a not for profit one stop career solution for young adults with intellectual challenges. Ingrid de Jager - Founder - Dreamed of the right to career choice in mainstream society for people with Intellectual Disabilities- in 2003 studied Supported Employment Virginia Commonwealth University.

What we do:
Identify - Likes, Strengths and Abilities
Convert into - Career Path; hone Life Skills and Professional Skills
Progress to - On-site Training; with Professional Partner
Job placement – Employer / Employee matching done in chosen career; offer long-term support
Results - Satisfied Client + Happy Employer + Independence + Pride + Valuable part of Community + a true Asset to the Employer

Summary: Care Career Connection has identified a great need amongst persons with intellectual challenges for post school training and assistance in finding jobs of choice in the regular local workforce. Presently there are little or no facilities for such specific skills development and job training.

Care Career Connection is person centred. We ensure that persons with intellectual challenges are seen for their interest, strengths and abilities rather than being seen as just disabled persons. We DO NOT find a lot of jobs and then search for persons to fill the posts.

We identify the PERSON’s likes and dislikes, strengths and abilities and personal challenges. A career path is then formed from this assessment. The person is then trained in that career path, has onsite training and a fitting job is then found, ideally, in or near their own community. The job matching is done to ensure job fulfilment of the client and the satisfaction of the employer, who appoints enthusiastic candidates who have an interest in the employer’s line of business and are motivated to work. After being employed the client and the employer are supported by their Employment Specialist with an ongoing long-term support program.

Operates in: Stellenbosch, Western Cape
Established in: March 2013

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 127-073
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number: 2013/037900/08
Trust Number:

Contact person: Ingrid-Ann de Jager
Phone: 021 884 4220
Fax: 086 245 6940
Physical address: 1 Station Road, Muldersvlei Station
Postal address: P O Box 36, Elsenburg, 7607

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