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Baphumelele’ means ‘Progress’ in Xhosa. Active since 1989 and a registered non-profit organisation since 1995, Baphumelele has indeed lived up to its name and is responsible for the establishment of the following social development initiatives:

- a Waldorf-based Educare centre and creche;
- a respite care centre for teenagers / youth who are HIV positive and have been rejected by their families and the community at large;
- a family feeding scheme and soup kitchen;
- five cluster homes each providing a smaller and more intimate homely atmosphere for eight children (8 children in each home, who have been placed permanently because of the AIDS pandemic), and one house-mother / father;
- a wood workshop that trains and employs disabled and unemployed people from the community and the
- Baphumelele Children’s Home that provides a loving and caring home for affected, infected, abandoned and abused infants, children and youth.

Operates in: Cape Town, Western Cape
Established in: 1989

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 051-418
Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930019697
Section 21 Company Number: 1995/007799/08
Trust Number:

Contact person: Rosalia Mashale
Fax: 021 361 2695
Physical address: Z118 Dabula Street, Khayelitsha
Postal address:

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