AYU 3rd Summit

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This year, AYU shall host its 3rd annual summit under the theme: “On the Road to Actions: Moving Beyond Pan-Africanism rhetoric”.

The summit objectives are to:
1. Promote increased youth participation in AU programs, agencies and NGO affiliates
2. Draw a road map to promoting and implementing Pan-Africanism projects across the continent where youths are the drivers
3. Provide access to and information about the work, successes and current challenges of AYU and AU
4. Connect committed youth with opportunities, mentors and new associates
5. Examine AU youth charter
6. Promote a robust renewal of a commitment to serve Africa
7. Recognize the extraordinary efforts of young people already involved in social, economic and political development of Africa

Summit description: The summit shall only be attended by innovative, potential non target youths who are the change themselves. We want to employ unique approaches of tackling African problems. The qualities, strategy and influence of an individual are worth than a political party or a category he/she is representing.

The issues that shall be discussed among others are:

a. Restoring patriotism and pan-Africanism among Africans
b. Implementing AU Youth charter in all member states
c. African solutions to Africa’s problems
d. The increasing intervention of foreign powers in Africa
e. Conceptualizing democracy in an African context
f. Economic development of Africa and empowering youths
g. Measures of fighting African dictators and poor governance system
h. Fighting political abuse against youths.

Date: 17 to 18 October 2013
Venue: Church of Scientology (Pretoria, Gauteng).
Contact: Tim Mugerwa
Phone: 083 705 6420
Website: www.ayu.org.za

Listing on CharitySA: www.charitysa.co.za/african-youth-union-ayu.html

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