Africa First Ladies Awards AFLA and Women Empowerment Conference WEC 2014

African First Ladies Awards is a conceptualized effort (TM) (2010) by Mr. John Losaka of Vuka Afrika, an NPO whose mandate and vision is to bring about unity, peace, growth and stability in the African Continent.

First ladies, be it in the Presidency, Premiership, MECs, Ministers, counsellors or pastoral Religious leaders, including the monarch have a clear voice of leadership within their environments. Women in general have great potential and capacity to empower, influence and inspire other women to do greater things, hence Vuka Afrika realized that by recognizing and appreciating their gifts, efforts and initiatives, we certainly can get more out of these “Agents of Change”. The first prestigious, glamorous Africa First Ladies Award ceremony is proposed to be hosted in Durban, South Africa in the month of August (women’s month) 2014 and thereafter annually to monitor and encourage ongoing involvement due to time frame

AFLA awards ceremony and women empowerment conference WEC is scheduled for the 8-11 October 2014 at Durban ICC.

The objective of the Africa First Ladies Awards (AFLA) is to change perspectives of the role of First Ladies, and see them play a more active role as a First Lady. Africa First Ladies Awards (AFLA) aims to also set a precedent, prioritizing the plight of women as key foundations in the growth and nurturing of a nation, celebrating the strength, wisdom and courage of a woman and ultimately encouraging more women to become economic drivers in these fast evolving times. Africa First Ladies Awards (AFLA) intends to create a Legacy of the African women, globally, establishing a network for all African First Ladies to sustain tangible and economically viable relationships Africa First Ladies Awards (AFLA) is a platform to uncover and showcase work done by these remarkable women. This prestigious and glamorous affair is a two tier event, over 1 to 2 days; including a conference (offering an exhibit), a gala dinner on the first day and an awards ceremony on the evening of the second day.

While the global economy continues to demonstrate its unpredictability across the world; Africa remains the last economic frontier of immeasurable potential. Vuka Afrika has developed a conference that will outline issues and challenges African women face; that will also present a platform to hold discussions outlining different sector based opportunities of the African economy and what is needed to fuel these engines of the continent.

The purpose of the conference is to encourage all First Ladies to participate and enhance the role of women activities, raise funds for sustainable programs that are targeting women, invest and encourage community development, entrepreneurship, business, other NPO’s, private sector and government departments. (TM or Copy Right Reserve)

Date: 8 to 11 October 2014
Venue: Durban ICC (Durban, KwaZulu-Natal).
Contact: Mr John Losaka
Phone: 072 514 5625

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