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Soul Provider

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Soul Provider is an organisation established by an ex-convict who has been fully rehabilitated into a social crime prevention activist. Ramah says that the worst time of his life proved to be the best lesson ever, and felt an inner calling to make a difference through the hardships of his prison experience. He has discovered the essence of life and strives to bring many vulnerable and disadvantaged people into the light and insight he has found. This new discovery led him to to study Life Coaching; and Metaphysics with Dr. Colleen-Joy Page and be a licensed Inner Life Skills (ILS) trainer, bringing the ILS work and other empowering education to schools, communities and prisons.

The two fields of study (Life Coaching and Metaphysics) combined, create a very influential interest in others who wonder how a person can go from being a convicted criminal to an inspiring leader. Therefore, Soul Provider will guide you to train your most valuable and untapped resource - your soul. You will learn how to go deeper with your intuition to find your wholeness, truth and your wisdom and also gain amazing relationship healing and personal growth tools. You will use your strengthened inner-guidance-system to clarify and align with your life-purpose.

The organisation teaches with absolute respect for your choices and beliefs. You are encouraged to keep what works for you from what you learn, and throw away what doesn’t. No dogma! Just freedom and self-empowerment! The only authority in your quest for truth and meaning should be your own heart. There are Crime Prevention and Awareness programs, and after-care programs but our most valued one is the Inner Life Skills.

Sometimes all that it takes to transform your life is giving yourself the gift of regular time dedicated to your healing and empowerment; add to that gaining over a dozen cutting edge, amazing personal and spiritual growth tool. Then sprinkle in the loving support of like-minded people and you have just discovered the InnerLifeSkills™programme by Soul Provider!

InnerLifeSkills™ is a designed programme that comprises of Soul Intuition, Soul Relationships, Soul Connection, Soul Destiny, Soul Healing, Soul Support, Soul Universe, and Soul Purpose; for those clients that have been referred to Soul Provider due to specific circumstances.

And in the case of workshops, the following six subjects are designed to suit the short duration of the programme: Intuition, Dream Builder, One Family, Life Purpose, Personal Power, and Relate 2 Great.

So in the light of feeling an inner calling to make a difference, here’s how Soul Provider can help through its InnerLifeSkills™ Acquiring these skills and tools will help blossom your healing and growing into a desire to make a difference.

Let's say for example that you struggle to find a job because of your criminal record, let's look at freeing yourself to make a difference.

When we look at the world we can feel overwhelmed, as if there is too much to do. We might even want to give up on our dreams, ignore the whispers in our hearts that there is more to life.

Trust that you make a difference by being WHO YOU ARE. If you are free, if you love yourself free, you will make the difference you were born to make, by being who you were born to be. This ‘you’, this true self, can't help but contribute. You don't have to try to make a difference. There is nothing to force. It's about freeing your natural, true self, to stand in the world and bring the gifts of your presence to the world.

Your personal growth and spiritual growth is an ongoing journey. And with every step of your growing journey, there is also more of you present. That is your contribution. That is your legacy.

In my personal journey, the first step in freeing myself was to accept and take responsibility for everything that has happened in my past; not blaming anyone but taking the circumstances as stepping stones to living a harmonious life in a way that I am the only one who controls it. Ultimately, what was supposed to be my punishment had turned out to be more beneficial and felt like I was cheating on life. I was behind bars and yet most free than most people who were not incarcerated.

Honour your inner call to make a difference, not by trying to be fancy, not by trying to be noble, but by being your ordinary beautiful self.

Now you can see why I say that your personal growth is your greatest contribution to the world. Every time you heal, every time you grow as a person, you automatically bring who you were born to be to the planet. You are the first and last step in making a difference. It’s that simple!

I hope that this piece has given you an insight to the unexploited and yet most valuable aspect of your life that Soul Provider can offer to you. This is just a drop in the ocean and compared to where your soul can take you. Two other aspects of your life are your body and mind, and taking good care of this combination of three will result in unlimited possibilities that you have dreamed of.

Operates in: Vaal Triangle, Gauteng
Established in: October 2008

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 064-491
Public Benefit Organisation Number:
Section 21 Company Number:
Trust Number:

Contact person: Ramah Tsubella
Phone: 076 173 6385
Physical address: 19536/7 Zone 14, Sebokeng
Postal address: P O Box 3766, Vanderbijlpark, 1900
Website: www.charitysa.co.za/soul-provider.html

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